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Welcome to the Paideiatrofi program

The Paideiatrofi program aims at preventing childhood obesity, involving local stakeholders in a sustainable way

The duration of the first phase of the program is 4 years and the participating municipalities are at its heart, through continual and focused actions targeting children and their families. The messages of the program – although based on scientific recommendations – are given in a direct, understandable and enjoyable way.

National Coordination Team

Nostus Communications & Events has undertaken the national coordination of the Paideiatrofi program in Greece, using social marketing and organizational techniques to coach local project managers and local teams.

The National Coordination Team provides continuous education and training, plans new approaches relying on group dynamics and social policies modification and provides communication and PR services on public health issues towards health professionals and the general public.


The philosophy and actions of PAIDEIATROFI are recognized by many governmental and scientific institutions in Greece, which are supporters of the program.

Particularly important is the fact that from the beginning of its implementation, PAIDEIATROFI is under the auspices of the Ministry of Health, Nutrition and Sport.

The Town at the heart of the program

The Town is at the heart of the initiative and at the centre of the PAIDEIATROFI program’s philosophy! The implementation of the program began with five pilot cities: Agia Paraskevi, Palaio Faliro, Argyroupoli, Aigio and Perama. Today, the PAIDEIATROFI program extends to 14 towns with the objective to reach every county of the country.

It is estimated that today the PAIDEIATROFI program affects over 2 million citizens and more than 200.000 children.

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