Fruit Infused Water as a Replacement for Soda

About two years ago, I was addicted to coca cola and other sodas. There are a lot of people here in the US like that, and one of the problems I’ve had that I used to get really grumpy and irritated if I didn’t have a coke in a while – especially in the mornings. Caffeine is a poison, let me tell you!

I knew that I had to make a change, but after being used to drinking soda every day, water seemed extremely bland and boring to me. Still, a change had to happen. When I learned about fruit infused water via a recipe book, I immediately fell in love with it. I guess what got me into it was the way it looked: colorful, tropical, and overall impressive. Soon I had jars of colorful Hawaii-style drinks standing in my kitchen, and I loved every moment of every sip I took. Weaning myself of caffeine was tough, but it was worth it and the naturally scented healthy water made it so much easier for me. In fact, when I had a party soon after starting, my friends were completely taken by all those colorful, tasty looking drinks 😉

Soda is filled with sugars and it is one of the reasons why so many Americans are as fat and depressed as they are today. All those unnatural ingredients, the caffeine, the sugars, the taste strengtheners, and so on, does nothing but kick up your calorie count and cholesterol levels. Yes, it tastes good, but that’s because of the sugar. The sad fact is that most people don’t know anymore what real things taste like. We unlearn to really taste food and distinguish different tastes for what they are.

When I stopped drinking soda and switched to fruit infused water, I also stopped eating other sugary products and began eating real foods. After a while, I started to retrain my gustatory sense and begin to notice all the little tastes that different fruits had to offer. I was almost completely taste-blind before, only being able to trigger my sense when I ate junk food.

A few months after making that change in my life, I stopped being irritated by the absence of my regular coke, which was not only good for everybody around me who I love, but also freeing for me. I also began to lose a lot of weight without even exercising at all. This showed me how my weight was kept up simply because of the bad food and soda I was putting into my body. The moment I stopped doing it, the pounds just fell off, so to speak! It was an amazing revelation that inspired my further.

Today, I still use infused water and follow a fitness routine that fulfills me and makes me feel good every time I do it. So that one change in my go-to beverage kicked of a chain reaction in my life that changed everything, and I hope that you go ahead and try it, too. One of the cool things with infused water is that you have to buy a lot of different fruits – and you’ll eat those fruits after they are used for making the waters. This automatically adds healthy food into your life.